Day Training

Boarding Services

Most dogs know some words such as sit or come. These classes are for the dogs who decide they'd rather not show their knowledge at times.

While on your memorable vacation, give your dog a fun place to stay, like Dog Woods.


Professional Canine Services

When you don't have the time to get your pet to Dog Woods, we now offer pickup/delivery


While your busy, allow your dog to sharpen their manners or receive training in areas they struggle with.

Fun Add-Ons

​Dogs, and things dog's love, are increasing in popularity day by day. Dog Woods knows there are more training options available in the Memphis area than ever before. For three generations we have been a family owned and operated business in the Mid-South. Before you take your dog to an upstart business, check out the place that has been training dogs for over 40 years. You can be assured when coming to Dog Woods that our instructors have decades of experience. Don't wonder if your trainer is testing training methods they saw on a YouTube video or in a new book. Come to Dog Woods where training dogs isn't a new business venture, but the livelihood of a Memphis family for generations.

Training Options

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Dog Woods now offers limited grooming options, such as baths and nail trimming

A La Carte Boarding:

To give your dog added activity during their stay, add extra walks, playtime, etc.

Dog Woods has Agility for all levels, advanced obedience, scent work, and more for owners and dogs who would like to continue training as a hobby

training center

​For dogs of distinction

Camp Program


Training Classes

Dog Woods, The Right Choice

Our three week board and train option is great for busy and traveling owners