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There are more training options available in the Memphis area than ever before. Dog Woods was founded in 1972 as a family owned and operated business in the Mid-South. You can be assured when coming to Dog Woods that our instructors have decades of experience. Training dogs isn't a new business venture, but the livelihood of a Memphis family for generations. Owner and Training Director, Donna Eddins, is licensed by A.K.C. as an Obedience Trial Judge. This is an accomplishment that takes years to earn. Donna's son, Michael Eddins, grew up in and around the business. Michael first competed in obedience trials at age 11, giving him nearly twenty years of experience alongside his A.K.C. license as a C.G.C. Evaluator. Jo Ann Geeslin founded Dog Woods with a teenage Donna, and retired in 2003. She still comes in to do book-keeping, and every once in a while offers to help train some of the dogs on-site. 

Camp Program

Training Classes

Day Training

Most dogs know some words such as sit or come. These classes are for the dogs who decide they'd rather not show their knowledge at times.

Dog Woods, The Right Choice

Our three week board and train option is great for owners who are unable to attend training classes

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Professional Canine Services

Dog Woods has Agility for all levels, advanced obedience, scent work, and more for owners and dogs who would like to continue training as a hobby

This service is not meant to be a daycare alternative, they will be here for training. Great option for clients seeking a "fast-track" alternative to group classes.

training center

​FOr dogs of distinction